Thompson Building Materials Rebar Why the Antioch building in the heart of Oakland may be on fire

Why the Antioch building in the heart of Oakland may be on fire

SAN FRANCISCO — The charred remains of an unfinished building in Oakland that is home to the city’s historic antiques shop are still strewn across the neighborhood, but investigators said Friday they’re focusing on a new theory about the fire that caused it.

Oakland fire investigators say the building was likely destroyed by an electrical fire.

The blaze broke out around 10 p.m.

Thursday in a residential neighborhood near the Oakland Art Museum and a number of businesses, including the Antiques Roadshow, where owner Jason Zaleski lives.

Zaleski said he was working on a display of antiques when the fire broke out, and the front of the building caught fire.

He said the fire spread quickly and scorched his home.

He said he heard a loud explosion, and his windows were covered in blackened smoke.

He didn’t see flames or flames coming through the building.

The building is near the intersection of Broadway and Van Ness streets.

It was built in 1877 by William C. Antiques and Furniture Company.

A statement from the California Department of Building Inspection said investigators have not yet ruled out the possibility that the fire was intentionally set.

They are working to determine if it was an arson, the statement said.

A spokesperson for the fire department said investigators will not be releasing any details about the cause of the fire.

They were initially asked to keep the fire under control and were told not to release any information that could cause an accident, the department said in a statement.