Thompson Building Materials Wood Why building materials companies like this will be in a class of their own

Why building materials companies like this will be in a class of their own

Buildings materials company Buildables has teamed up with the makers of the famous building blocks, concrete and mortar. 

The firm has teamed with concrete company, MSC to build a 3D printed building wall for the future of infrastructure.

Buildables says its building materials will be made in a way that allows the use of the most powerful materials in building today.

The company has been developing its own 3D printer and is now using its 3D printing technology to print its own building wall. 

Its 3D Printing Company has also teamed up for the 3D Printed Wall, which is a prototype of what it hopes to build out over the next year.

The firm says the new building wall will allow users to access the 3d printed building materials without needing to purchase expensive equipment. 

Buildables says the wall will be a first of its kind and will allow the construction industry to create new products for everyday life. 

According to Buildables, it will be able to make wall finishes using the latest 3D printers, making it a perfect fit for everyday use. 

Building walls are typically made from a variety of materials including concrete, steel and mortar, as well as the most advanced 3D materials, such as titanium and stainless steel. 

To see more from Buildables about their 3D wall, click here. 

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