Thompson Building Materials Cement When an Architect Gets The Job Done, the Art of Design Is Worth It

When an Architect Gets The Job Done, the Art of Design Is Worth It

Architectural studio Sotheby’s recently offered a one-of-a-kind, $1 million “golden ticket” for a masterpiece that’s “not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional.”

The $1,500,000, which was designed by British architect Paul Bekker, is titled The Art of the Design of the House.

The house’s exterior was designed to be “light, airy, inviting, and comfortable,” according to the gallery’s website.

The interior of the house features “a large central staircase, an open roof, and open living areas.”

The house also has a kitchenette and “a spacious kitchenette with two small kitchens, a large dining room, a full-size bathroom with shower, and a living room.”

The building’s exterior includes “a natural timber frame, a natural wood roof, a wood-clad facade, and an interwoven, natural and recycled wood frame.”

The interior also includes “modern furniture and modern-day finishes that complement the traditional design.”

“The work is a bold statement, challenging the conventions of the world’s most recognizable architectural houses and using their own unique materials and styles to create a visually spectacular piece,” Sothebys representative Sarah Cusack said in a statement.

“The house has inspired our team to create more, and to continue to challenge the conventions that have long defined modern architecture.”

It also includes the installation of the new “The Art of Work,” an installation of hand-painted sculptures by the artist, John Tull.

The show, which is now on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art, is slated to open in early 2019.