Thompson Building Materials Wood When a Century Building Collapses?

When a Century Building Collapses?

A Century Building Materials (ABC) report released this week says that, while there is evidence that building materials can be manufactured using modern technologies, the most likely scenario is for some time to come.ABC reports that, in 2018, the number of commercial building permits issued is expected to hit 2.7 million, representing an 8% increase over 2017.

ABC reports that this is “not a sign that commercial building materials are in short supply.”

Instead, the company reports that the real question for the industry is how quickly and effectively we can convert our buildings into sustainable living spaces.ABC notes that, because the supply of building materials is finite, “the world needs to find ways to get more of these materials to commercial buildings.”ABC also reports that in 2018 there were “some 2,400 new building materials licenses issued” and “that’s the first time since 2009 that the total number of licenses has grown faster than the number needed to supply the industry.”ABC’s report says that the number “is not a sign of a shortage, as demand continues to grow.”ABC is urging the US government to create a national database of building-related materials that would enable manufacturers and buyers to find the best materials for new and existing buildings.

The report notes that it’s not the first attempt to get building materials in the hands of the building industry, and that building industry groups have previously been unsuccessful in getting the government to issue building permits.ABC says that it has already received more than 100,000 building permits from the US Department of Energy, and the company says that this “is the most recent and most comprehensive list we have of the country’s building materials.”ABC reports, “If the U.S. government doesn’t act, there is no chance that building industries will be able to compete in the new building market.”