Thompson Building Materials Wood What if a commercial building was built around a city park?

What if a commercial building was built around a city park?

A few years ago, the Los Angeles City Council voted to allow commercial building companies to apply to the city for permits to build on city property.

At the time, the council was considering a measure that would have prohibited commercial building in parks, but the measure was defeated in the council’s June 2018 vote.

Now, the city is considering allowing these businesses to build at the parks that the council created.

The Los Angeles Public Library is a big supporter of the new rules.

A spokesperson told the Los Angles Times that it has been working with the city to develop policies to protect the libraries property rights in public parks and to protect its ability to manage and maintain public spaces.

While this is a great step forward, we must also take the next step in order to preserve the park’s history and future, the library said in a statement to the Times.

This decision comes in response to the passage of a bill by the city council in June 2018 that would prohibit the use of parks for commercial development.

The bill, dubbed the ‘Bureau of Commercial Buildings,’ was opposed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Los Angels Parks and Recreation Department.

The LA City Council is expected to consider the measure again this year.