Thompson Building Materials Cement Lowes Building Materials is recycling, it’s a new way to build

Lowes Building Materials is recycling, it’s a new way to build

NEW YORK — Lowes, a major consumer and construction company, announced plans Wednesday to replace almost all of its building materials — from paper towels to glass, paper, wood and other recyclable materials — with recycled materials.

The company’s announcement comes a year after it was forced to replace nearly all of the company’s building materials after it began shipping out recycled products.

The changes will require nearly 100 percent of the products Lowes sells and sells directly to customers to be recycled.

Lowes said in a statement it’s now working with a number of suppliers to make this change, including local suppliers, suppliers in Asia and other countries.

“We’re committed to recycling, and we’re working with suppliers to ensure that all of our products can be recycled, both domestically and globally,” said Lowes’ chief executive, Paul M. Loring, in a prepared statement.

“The changes will help us meet the growing demand for low-carbon products, and they will support our sustainability efforts.

We have already made significant changes to our manufacturing process and processes, so we expect these changes will be gradual and not affect our manufacturing operations.”

Lowes is the latest big company to take action to address the issue of its products being used in building materials.

In January, General Electric, a company that makes appliances, said it would stop using the building materials that it recycles in its products.

In April, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said it was ending its agreement with General Electric to supply the company with its used wood products.