Thompson Building Materials Wood How to create a DIY ‘fairy tale’ tower

How to create a DIY ‘fairy tale’ tower

A tiny fairy tale tower has been created in the backyard of a Perth house.

The ‘fantasy tower’ consists of two concrete pillars on the ground and a circular steel frame which acts as a platform for a wooden platform to sit on.

“It’s a very simple and very beautiful thing,” homeowner Tessa Wilson said.

“You don’t have to worry about anything going wrong.”

The home is just a couple of minutes from a park, and was built by Wilson’s daughter-in-law who lives in a nearby town.

“We built it in a couple days,” she said.

While it has a few quirks, like the fact the whole structure is just about 10 metres in height, it has the potential to be very tall.

“There’s a couple hundred feet of steel between the pillars, so it’s a fairly tall structure,” Ms Wilson said.””

It also means you can sit and watch the sunrise and sunsets from the tower.”‘

It’s so cool’The home also has an airy and peaceful look.”

I think it’s really neat because you can just sit and enjoy the day,” Ms Woodside said.

She and her daughter- in-law are now considering building a tower with an infinity pool.”

She’s very enthusiastic about the project,” she added.”

The kids love it too.