Thompson Building Materials Wood How to Build Your Own Solar Panels with This DIY Guide

How to Build Your Own Solar Panels with This DIY Guide

An article by Sarah Naughton, founder of DIY Home, which focuses on the DIYing process for solar panels and home furnishings, and her team are the latest to launch their own solar project, and they are building their own panels.

Sarah Naugtons team built a $50,000 solar panel in her kitchen using reclaimed lumber and recycled wood.

Sarah says the panels power their home from the sun and are ideal for low-income households and students.

In the video, Sarah explains how the panels work.

She shows us how to install the panels and how to make the panels themselves.

If you have a solar panel, you can get one for $35 from the Energy Star website, but you can also find a few other solar panels for $100 to $150 on Amazon, including one with a 20-kWh battery and two solar panels with 100-kW batteries.

It’s a good time to invest in a solar system and get your money’s worth.

We also talked to Sarah about her work on the Energy STAR project and how her team’s solar panel has made it possible for students to pay for their own education with solar energy.

Check out Sarah’s project below.