Thompson Building Materials Wood How to build a ‘Star Wars’ themed building

How to build a ‘Star Wars’ themed building

Building a Star Wars themed apartment in a suburban Los Angeles neighborhood may not be an option, but it does seem like a lot of fun.

A video of the project was released by Star Wars enthusiast and architecture studio Apartment Therapy.

It’s called StarWarsLamberth, and it uses a combination of reclaimed materials from the Lamberth Building, a historic warehouse, and recycled materials from other buildings in Los Angeles.

The building is located in Beverly Hills, and the entire project is designed to be retrofitted for the upcoming film.

“Lamberts is a building that was once home to the Lander Building, which was the tallest building in Los Angelos history, and is now the iconic Hollywood Sign,” Apartment Therapist’s Ben Poulson wrote in the video.

“The Lamberts was designed by architect and urban designer Michael Gaudreau, who went on to design the iconic Los Angeles Times Building.”

It’s a retrofitted version of the iconic Lander building, which is part of the Larchmont Museum of Art.

The video includes a few photos of the completed apartment, which can be found on the site.

Poulsson wrote that the entire apartment will be “fitted with the latest in construction technology and technology-based materials,” which includes a new heating and cooling system, a new ceiling fan, and LED lighting.

“As the building grows in stature and mass, the spaces of this home are going to change as well, and that’s part of what we’re excited about,” Poulsson said.

“We have an amazing set of resources for a home like this, so we’re looking forward to seeing it become a living, breathing part of this community.”

ApartmentTherapist’s website has more information about the project, including photos and a video.

You can also check out the project on Instagram.