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How to build a beautiful Christmas tree in Goleta

Posted January 13, 2019 05:06:49 Goletanans can now have a festive Christmas tree for their homes and for Christmas decorations.

The Goletans State Government announced today that Goletanicans can set up a Christmas tree to be displayed on their lawns.

The State Government also announced that Golets tree can be hung in public parks and will be on display for people to see.

The tree will be a permanent fixture at the Goletanas state Capitol building.

The State Government said the State Government has been working for several years on the project.

The Goletani Christmas Tree will be displayed in the Golets State Capitol building from January 10.

The Christmas tree will display Goletana’s flag and be placed on the dome of the Capitol.

Goletanos Christmas Tree has been placed in Golets state Capitol from January 1.

The state government has been conducting a nationwide competition for the project and the winning bidder will receive the contract to decorate the Christmas tree.

The new tree will replace the existing tree that was recently installed at the Capitol building on State Capitol grounds.

The new tree is the third in the state to be installed.

The original Christmas tree was installed in 2018.