Thompson Building Materials Wood How ‘blanchard’ can help you save money on construction materials

How ‘blanchard’ can help you save money on construction materials

A Texas builder and his wife are saving a lot of money by salvaging materials from their home.

The couple is saving about $100,000 on their home and are building a home out of salvaged building materials.

Blanchard Jones, the building materials director at Blanchards Building Materials, says his company has built homes in Houston, Austin and other parts of the state, including Dallas, San Antonio and San Jose.

But he says he wants to help others.

He told the ABC News Today show he has donated to many groups, including one that offers a home-improvement loan.

“We are doing this for everybody,” Jones said.

The Joneses are a former construction workers who live in a two-story brick house they built in 2007 with their own labor.

They bought it to be able to make their own roofing tiles.

Jones said he was surprised to learn the company has since donated more than $20,000 to local organizations, like a home improvement loan program and the National Alliance for Home Improvement.

“It was just a blessing in disguise,” Jones told the Today show.

“We’re able to help other people in need.”

Blanchard is a veteran of many of the big construction projects that have come to be known as “building boom” — a boom that was created by the housing bubble in the late 2000s.

It has been called one of the biggest job-creation and job-reform programs in U.S. history.

Blanchards building materials has donated more to organizations in the past than it has to private nonprofit groups, according to Jones.

But, in 2014, the company was among the groups that received a $25 million bailout from the U.P.O. The money was provided to Blancharts by the federal government.