Thompson Building Materials Wood ‘Crazy’ Trump ‘will destroy America’: Activist

‘Crazy’ Trump ‘will destroy America’: Activist

Activists from the anti-Trump movement are preparing to protest at Trump Tower on Thursday, in what they hope will be the largest demonstration in New York City’s history.

Activists are planning to march through Times Square and the Manhattan Bridge to protest the President Donald Trump administration’s plan to ban travel from six Muslim-majority countries.

“Trump will destroy America, and he will destroy the planet,” Al Sharpton, the former mayor of New York and the current mayor of the United States, told Al Jazeera in an interview on Wednesday.

Sharpton said Trump has promised to build a wall along the US-Mexico border, and that the US is in danger of losing its ability to influence global events.

“There are people who say he’s a fascist, but I believe that the real fascism is what we see in our streets right now,” Sharpton added.

Sharptons statement follows a report by The Associated Press (AP) which said the Trump administration was planning to impose new travel restrictions on several Muslim-dominated countries including Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Syria.

The new rules were proposed on Friday after a meeting between Trump and senior White House officials and prompted a furious response from Democrats.

Sharps, a leading civil rights leader, called on the president to halt his plans, but Trump refused to budge.

“He said that the Muslim ban is a bad idea,” Sharps said.

“I said I would not sign a bill that would impose that type of order on Americans.”

The AP’s report said the administration is also considering the use of drones to conduct raids and surveil Muslim communities.

Sharpping is calling for a protest outside Trump Tower at 11:00 am local time (16:00 GMT) on Thursday in New Jersey, according to the AP.

Protesters will gather at the intersection of Wall Street and Fifth Avenue, with people gathering at other intersections around the city.

The AP reported that the rally will begin with speeches from members of the New York chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the National Lawyers Guild.

Activist group ACT UP is also organising the rally, which will be livestreamed on the group’s website.

The group is calling on its supporters to participate in the event.

The rally comes just days after a number of protests against the Trump presidency were held in the US.

A series of rallies in cities across the country have seen thousands of protesters march and chant against the President.

Demonstrators in New Orleans and New York, both among the country’s most heavily Muslim cities, have taken to the streets to call for his impeachment.

The protesters have accused the President of having a “war on minorities” and targeting their communities with policies that violate their rights.

The protests have been met with condemnation from politicians and activists, with Trump calling the protests “unconstitutional” and “illegal”.

On Wednesday, thousands of people rallied in Philadelphia to demand that Trump be impeached.

The demonstration came days after demonstrators in Washington, DC, held a march and march through the streets, demanding his impeachment and calling for the end of Trump’s presidency.