Thompson Building Materials Cement Construction company builds a new $1bn coal-fired power station in South Australia

Construction company builds a new $1bn coal-fired power station in South Australia

Construction company Pipestone Energy is building a new coal- and gas-fired station in south-west South Australia, the company announced on Thursday.

The company will also build the second of its six new gas- and coal-powered stations, which will be built by 2020.

Mr Cram, the director of Pipestone’s South Australian operations, said the first two stations were being constructed in partnership with the state government.

“It is the largest single coal- or gas-powered station in the world,” Mr Cram said.

“That is the only place where you can get gas, coal, and then get electricity in a power station.”

The power station is the biggest thing in the country, it’s one of the largest projects in the whole of South Australia.

“The second new coal plant is expected to be completed in 2022.”

We’re really excited to be building these new coal plants, and we’re really pleased with what’s happening in the state,” Mr Lander said.

Pipestone Energy owns a range of gas and coal power plants in Australia, including the Queensland Power Station and the Northern Power Station in South West Queensland.

Mr Lander has been critical of the coal industry, which he believes contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.”

What we have got to do is look at what is happening on the ground, what is the sustainability of these plants, what’s the impact on the environment and the environment, the impact to our economy,” he said.

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