Thompson Building Materials Turn Canada’s Adk building material center opens in Toronto

Canada’s Adk building material center opens in Toronto

Building materials supplier Adk Group has been ordered to pay $2.4 million to a Nova Scotia man who was forced to leave his job in 2013 after he was fired for allegedly defrauding the company.

In December, the Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruled in favour of Martin Schilling, who sued the company in March 2015.

Schilling had been working at the company for eight years, the company said.

He had been a vice president of marketing and communications, according to court documents.

The Nova Scotia Superior Court had ordered Adk to pay Schilling $1.9 million in damages, which was to be divided between the man and his family, according a Nova Scotian report.

The court also ordered Adks’ general manager, Michael J. McKeown, to pay the remaining $2 million in unpaid wages.

The Nova Scotia court said Schilling was fired from his job because he did not cooperate with the investigation of the fraud.

In 2013, the former president of Adks, David L. D’Augelles, was charged with fraud and breach of trust for allegedly selling company stock that was used to purchase the company’s building materials.

He pleaded guilty to one count of breach of the trust in April 2017.

D’Auglelles has been serving his sentence in Nova Scotia.

He has been granted supervised release and has not entered a plea in the case.