Thompson Building Materials Wood Building materials at the World Trade Center site, New York

Building materials at the World Trade Center site, New York

The New York City-based architectural firm of Tuller, Zee and Associates is preparing to build a massive, new skyscraper at the site of the World Financial Center.

According to the firm, the $2.5bn project is the first of its kind in the United States.

According the project website, it will be the largest office building in the world with 5,000 high-rise apartments.

The firm said it would build at least 5,600 office units, along with 1,000 condominiums, 500 townhouses and an office park.

It will also include an 11-acre park.

According an article by Bloomberg, the project is estimated to cost about $8bn, which is half of the estimated $12bn cost of the $300bn World Trade Centre.

The site of both towers was occupied by the World World Trade Organization (WTO), which had been trying to close down the building since 2001.

The towers have been under construction for several years.

Construction is expected to start later this year.

Construction of the building is expected in 2021 and be completed in 2024.

The building is being built on a site currently occupied by a new building, which will be built next to the WorldTradeCenter.

The new building will be called World TradeCenter.

A spokesman for Tullers firm said in a statement that the building was designed by the firm to be a landmark building for the city.

“This project is an exceptional opportunity for New York to be the first major American city to be completely transformed by the construction of this iconic structure,” said the spokesman, Robert Tullerr.

The project will be known as the World Tower at World Trade, which also features the World Health Organization headquarters, the New York Stock Exchange, the World Congress Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New School of Design.