Thompson Building Materials Turn A trailer building guide for the new Skyrim title

A trailer building guide for the new Skyrim title

It’s been a long time since we saw a new game like Skyrim come to life, but a new trailer is set to be released soon, and it looks like Bethesda’s taking the next step to bringing the new game to the forefront of gaming history.

A new trailer for the upcoming game, titled The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, will be unveiled today, and we’ve got our hands on a sneak peek from the footage.

The new trailer shows the main protagonist, Tiber Septim, riding an Imperial vehicle, the Imperial Warhorse, in a desert environment.

The vehicle looks quite futuristic, with the red and blue armor being a nod to the color scheme used in Skyrim.

We also get to see a new map that is part of the game, showing a mountain and a desert landscape.

This is followed by a cinematic showing how the Imperial forces are taking on the Redguard army, and then showing the battle that occurs between the Imperials and the Redguards.

Finally, we see the new combat mechanics being introduced, and a few new weapons, including a sabre.

The gameplay in Skyrim is going to be heavily influenced by the first two Elder Scrolls games, as players will be able to wield various types of weapons, armor, and other features.

The trailer also shows how a new quest system will be implemented, with players going to various locations and interacting with different NPCs.

We have to say, this trailer is awesome.

It’s really an excellent example of how Bethesda can build something new from a traditional RPG game, and also showcase the power of the new technology.

It also brings the series to a whole new level, showing how a game like The Elder Wanderers can take the traditional gameplay formula and add new elements and mechanics.

This trailer was originally released on YouTube on March 15, and you can view it below.

Source: YouTube