Thompson Building Materials Wood ‘A good-paying job’ in Canada: ‘I’m not getting paid’

‘A good-paying job’ in Canada: ‘I’m not getting paid’

When a recent job interview in Canada turned sour because the interviewer was “too stupid to ask questions properly” and made a reference to his lack of qualifications, he quickly realised that it was just the beginning of the road.

The 39-year-old was one of the first applicants to be screened at the company’s Bayside facility in Mississauga, Ontario, and was told he was in “a great position”.

However, the hiring manager asked him to “be honest” and provide information on his skillset.

He was told to “tell us a bit about your background” and that he “needs to show that he’s got some experience”.

It was a “bizarre and intimidating experience” that left him “completely confused”, he said.

He said that after the interview, the interviewer made reference to the fact that he lacked a degree.

He also asked about his job title, but it was only the title that was wrong.

After the interview was over, the interviewers told him that he had “no experience” and to fill in the form that said he was a non-senior associate.

When the applicant was still confused, he emailed the company to say he was “disappointed” that the hiring team had been unable to provide him with “an accurate and complete answer” and recommended he seek legal advice.

“I think they just didn’t know what to do,” he said, adding that he has received several phone calls and emails from concerned employers.

The company is currently “looking into the matter” and “will be contacting the applicant in the future”, he added.

“It was extremely frustrating.

It was as if they were expecting me to be a smartass.”‘

Not going to go away’The company said in a statement to the ABC that it “did not intend to discriminate against the applicant or his colleagues”, and that the interviewer had been “interviewed with respect to their credentials, skills, and experience”.

“The interview was conducted by a senior manager who did not have any experience in the hiring industry.

We do not expect that experience to change.

As such, the experience is not reflective of our senior leadership team,” it said.”

We take our hiring and advancement policies very seriously and are committed to ensuring that we provide our senior management with the best candidates who meet the expectations of our business.”